Essential Building Compliance

“Asset Protection and Assurance”

We understand the investment in Building Assets and part of ensuring your buildings are safe and accessible.

CODE Group Pty Ltd are located in the Perth CBD and registered with WA Building Commission: Building Surveying Contractor No.3

Our team are experienced and qualified specialist commercial building surveyors, disability access consultants and project managers.

We have the knowledge to ensure you meet regulatory compliance now and into the future by providing the following services:

  •  Investment Due Diligence
  •  Property Asset Compliance
  •  Building Compliance Management
  •  Essential Services data management
  •  Periodical Building Inspections

You can trust and rely on our professionalism and our commitment to assisting building owners, property managers, facility managers, superannuation funds and private investors to ensure their property assets are maintained compliant.

Safety in Design

"Design for the life of your asset"

Safety in Design is aimed at preventing injuries and disease by considering hazards as early as possible in the planning and design process. Safety in Design reports include:

  •  Systematic risk management
  •  Legal obligations
  •  Product life cycle management
  •  Safe design knowledge and capability
  •  Safe construction and installation
  •  Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act)

CODE Group have qualified professionals available to assist in the design development stages to encompass all design elements while considering the health and safety issues presented.

Our Safety in Design Reports are comprehensive and provide designers avenues to reduce hazards and risks prior to construction rather than have to make changes later when hazards become real risks.